Roofing Consultant

About Advanced Roof Consutants

Tom Hamilton is a registered architect in New York State and is certified by the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB). He's also a Registered Roof Consultant with the national Roof Consultants Institute. With more than 45 years of experience helping companies and homeowners with their most complex and frustrating roof and wall problems, he's an expert in issues surrounding the building envelope. 

Tom's combined background and experience in architecture, roofing and construction enable him to provide a wide range of expertise and value-added services to his clients. His professional credentials include:

  • Bachelor of Architecture degree, Kent State University, 1967
  • New York State Architectural License #10496
  • Registered Roof Consultant Certificate #31
  • Certified Thermographer #34442
  • Member of National Council of Architectural Registration Boards, certificate 13794. This designation provides Tom with reciprocal architectural licensing in all states and in numerous foreign countries.
  • Member of the Roofing Industries Committee on Weather Issues, Hail and Wind Investigation Team, Oak Ridge National Laboratory


In 1973 Tom founded Upstate Roofing, Inc., a commercial roofing company with offices in Rochester, NY and Tallahassee, FL, which he sold to his employees in 1998. He began his consultancy work in 1989 as the founder and owner of Advanced Roof Management, Inc., now renamed as Advanced Roof Consulting. His work focuses on roofing and insulation forensics, roof maintenance and management, and the investigation and resolution of building envelope issues for insurance, litigation and select residential clients.

Working as an independent consultant, Tom uses his proprietary systems to provide accurate, objective information and clear communication to help resolve building envelope performance issues. His Roof Report Card® and Wall Report Card® inspection services provide objective reporting and analyses for a wide variety of complex building problems. The information he gathers for these reports is then used to help design, maintain, negotiate, arbitrate and litigate roofing, insulation and building envelope solutions for lasting performance.

In his role as an objective third-party expert, Tom is able to help diffuse what are often emotionally charged and complicated building issues. While litigation can be necessary in some cases, he has also been known to resolve many issues without parties resorting to litigation. 

Tom mainly serves clients in the upstate New York area but is also available to assist clients outside New York State.

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