Roofing Consultant

Residential Services

For help in solving serious roofing and wall issues, you need an expert who understands housing from the ground up.

Whether you've experienced serious damage to your home and need support for your insurance claims, or you're having performance issues with your newly constructed home and need to know who's at fault, it can be difficult to determine the true causes—and what to do next. What you need is an experienced and objective expert to deliver the facts.

Tom Hamilton, AIA, RRC, is a registered architect in New York State and a Registered Roof Consultant with the Roof Consultants Institute. He not only has more than 45 years of experience with all types of buildings. He also offers clients a highly skilled and systematic approach to provide solutions to the most complex and frustrating roof, wall and construction problems. 


It's easy to point fingers in a stressful situation. But without the actual facts, it's wasted energy. In his role as an objective third-party expert, Tom is able to help diffuse what are often emotionally charged and complicated issues. And while litigation can be necessary in some cases, he has also been known to resolve issues without parties resorting to litigation. Tom has even used his practiced eye to help clients decide on whether to invest in a potentially problematic home.