Roofing Consultant

Roof Insurance Case Study

Defects in the new pool building at a well-known resort were corrected with proper identification and negotiation.

This family-owned resort located north of New York City is rated one of the top ten spas in the continental U.S. and Canada. But in 2005, while the hotel's spa addition and pool building were still under construction, the owners noticed ice damming at the drip edges of the roof and leaks into the pool area. The family's primary representative brought in Tom Hamilton, at that time the owner of Advanced Roof Management, to find out what went wrong and how to remedy the damages.

Tom performed a comprehensive building envelope analysis and determined that both the design and the installation of the roof and roof insulation in the pool building were the primary problems. In addition, the construction in progress didn't meet several other NYS building code requirements. The solution? Replace the roof and the roof insulation systems to properly address the humidity and ventilation issues that are typically found in a swimming pool enclosure.

Once Tom identified the issues, he held a meeting with the architect, contractors and the owner to discuss an appropriate action plan to resolve the problems. The meeting resulted in a revised design from the architect. Once the resort's owner approved the new design solution, the contractors installed it. Today the pool building is a safe, comfortable and popular feature of the resort's award-winning spa.


"Sometimes experts tell you what you want to hear. I've worked with Tom Hamilton now for ten years, and I've always felt comfortable and confident that he'll give me accurate information. He's responsive, quick to look at the loss and quick to give us a report—whether it's verbal or written—for a coverage determination. If I need the best roofing expert in the area, I'm calling Tom."

Kevin Hudson
Property Claims Supervisor, Erie Insurance, Buffalo NY Region