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With his unique background and extensive 45+ years of experience working with all types of buildings, Tom Hamilton is the specialist that building owners, insurance adjustors and attorneys call when they need the facts.

Not only is Tom a registered architect in New York State, he also holds a certificate from the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB). This provides him with reciprocal architecture license recognition in all states and a number of international jurisdictions. 

In addition, Tom is a Registered Roof Consultant with the Roof Consultants Institute, and he ran Upstate Roofing Company in Rochester, New York, for more than 25 years. His combined professional experiences give him a panoramic view and in-depth knowledge of how roofs and the building exterior envelope work and why they fail. And naturally, when roofs or walls leak, the entire building envelope is often a part of the problem. 




Because it's not always clear why leaks or other damage occurred, it pays to have Tom Hamilton, an independent expert, investigate the problem to determine the root causes.

Tom uses his proprietary methods to provide clients with detailed investigative reports. Each report includes a complete listing of Tom's findings from his inspections, as well as photographs to document those findings. In addition to summarizing his investigation, Tom includes the actions to take to remedy the root causes of the problems and extend the lifespan of your roof or building envelope. He can also provide options and costs for fixing the problems, and will oversee the construction remedies, if requested.

In addition to his investigative and remedial work for clients, Tom serves as a third-party expert to help arbitrate a wide range of roofing and construction issues.

To see how his consultative services can benefit you, please contact Tom for more information.