Roofing Consultant

Insurance Services

When insurance adjustors need more information for a claim, they turn to a roof and wall expert who doesn't adjust the facts.

There could a sudden, weather-related incident or long-term damage that defies previous solutions for a commercial building. Either way, an insurance claim is in the picture. And while there may be obvious reasons for leakage or the failure of a building's structure, there are often other reasons that aren't readily apparent but are just as important. These can range from deficient materials, to the wrong types of materials installed, to incorrect building methods or even failure to follow architectural plans. Many times, there's a confluence of several of these factors.

That's why regional insurance companies are long-standing clients of Tom Hamilton's. As a registered architect in New York State and a Registered Roof Consultant with the Roof Consultants Institute, Tom is the expert insurers turn to when they require factual support for their claims adjustments. Tom not only has more than 45 years of experience with all types of buildings—he also offers clients a highly skilled and systematic approach to provide solutions to the most complex and frustrating roof, wall and construction problems.


Roof Insurance Consulting services

Using proprietary methods, including his Roof Report Card®, Tom provides factual, unbiased reports with the substantiating detail adjusters need to settle insurance claims fairly and without protracted disputes. Just as important, Tom also supplies the panoramic view of the problem, along with the options and costs for fixing it.